My Story

Corey Bapes is a Christian minister and rapper originally from Cleveland, Ohio who now calls Indianapolis, Indiana his home. He began his music career as a hip-hop artist his senior year of high school after securing a deal with a major record label.  In his early music, Bapes glamourize the fast life, promoting partying, material possessions, and poor decisions, common themes of the genre. While his career did bring success and recognition, Bapes began to feel conflicted as he saw his close friends and people from his hometown succumb to violence, incarceration, and death.  

Corey Bapes was called to faith and decided to transform his life as a means to stay alive and help conflicted youth, young Black men, in particular, find a path that can lead them to productive and safe lives. As his faith grew, Bapes felt called to use his music as a way to minister. With so many young people being fed negative messages through music and social media, Bapes knew he could use his talent to speak candidly about the stresses of growing up in rough conditions and being tempted by the temporary luxuries and pleasures that are in today’s world. Corey Bapes is more than just a Christian rapper.  He is a minister, driven by his calling to evangelize, make disciples and save lives.

Corey Bapes released his first Christian rap album, Sunday School, on September 17, 2021. His nonprofit, Wise Words, exists to create and disseminate positive music and media that positively impacts its listeners. Through WiseWords, CEO Corey Bapes seeks to encourage, educate, enlighten and evangelize with a message and persona that are relatable, on-trend, timely, honest and inspired by the word of God. Bapes accomplishes this with live performances, recorded music, supporting other emerging artists, and ministering, both in the church where he serves as an executive pastor, and through prison ministering where he delivers the Word of God while encouraging and supporting young wayward prisoners desperately in need of guidance and salvation.

Corey Bapes earned a degree in entrepreneurship, recording technology and, video production from Bowling Green State University. After parting from his first record label, he earned a Masters’s degree in Christian leadership. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in divinity. 

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